Sunday December 1 from 10 to 4
Join us for our first annual vendor fair to include:
-Brophy’s Fine Firearms
-RA Barber Open 11:00 to 3:00
-Cassari’s-Cassie and Ari will be on hand for all your wrapping needs. Bring in those black Friday items or purchase something at the Vendor Fair. 10am to 1pm
-Reedy’s staff will assist you with all your Archery needs. Your items are in stock, gift certificates and more.
– Green Compass Global-Supplements and Oils
-Bucks and Buoys-Hand made wooden items and decorations.
-PSSpartke and Glitter-Color Street Nail polishes
-Brophy’s Blankets
-Other handmade items, wooden items and more.
-JOAD team will be hosting a bake sale for snacks and refreshments and Chinese Raffle.
Tons happening in one location:
121 Wood Street Middleboro MA 02346