Sunday December 1 from 10 to 4
Join us for our first annual vendor fair to include:
-Brophy’s Fine Firearms
-RA Barber Open 11:00 to 3:00
-Cassari’s-Cassie and Ari will be on hand for all your wrapping needs. Bring in those black Friday items or purchase something at the Vendor Fair. 10am to 1pm
-Reedy’s staff will assist you with all your Archery needs. Your items are in stock, gift certificates and more.
– Green Compass Global-Supplements and Oils
-Bucks and Buoys-Hand made wooden items and decorations.
-PSSpartke and Glitter-Color Street Nail polishes
-Brophy’s Blankets
-Other handmade items, wooden items and more.
-JOAD team will be hosting a bake sale for snacks and refreshments and Chinese Raffle.
Tons happening in one location:
121 Wood Street Middleboro MA 02346

Utah Multi-State Concealed Carry Class

Saturday October 13, 5:30PM-9:30PM

This course will be held downstairs at Reedy’s Archery. Through reciprocity agreements, the non resident Utah permit is honored in 35 states.  The class gives you all the information you need to comprehend federal interstate laws, Utah State Laws, Use of Force, Concealed Carry Techniques and much much more.. See a map below for current coverage. Green/Blue states indicate where your permit from Utah and MA are honored. A Massachusetts LTC is required to take this course.$75 per person

To sign up:

Call Robin Brophy at 508-930-6175 or email Space is limited. Call today.

Tax Free weekend 2019

August 17th and 18th 

Brophy’s Fine Firearms 
Will be open
Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

If these hours don’t work for you, we will meet you earlier or stay late, just call ahead (833) 276-7497. 

And don’t forget Reedy’s Archery for all your Archery needs.

LTC class Friday 28 June 2019

Ed will be conducting an evening Home Firearms Safety class Friday 28 June from 6 to 10 PM.,  Attendance at one of these classes is for those wishing to apply for a Massachusetts Class A license to carry or FID card. Contact Ed if you are interested in attending. The class is $75 and comes with a $25 gift certificate for a purchase at the shop.

New Stock from Springfield Armory

XDE 3.3″ barrel Black 9mm $481

XDS MOD2 3.3 ” barrel Black 45ACP $499

XD MOD2 4″ barrel 9mm $493

XD MOD2 3″ SC Black 9mm $493

XDM 4.5″ Black 45ACP $558

and the second delivery just came in:

911 Nitride 380ACP

911 Stainless 380ACP

1911 MILSPEC parkerized 45ACP

1911 Range Officer Elite Operator PKG 45ACP

1911 Range Officer Elite LW CHAMP PKG 45ACP